Disclaimer: An airplane emoji in your Instagram bio, is not going to get you anywhere fast.

For elopement photographers to be

Struggle mountain

Have you been wanting to book elopements and destination weddings, but somehow those dream clients can't seem to find you? All you want to do is break out of the traditional and local mold, but you keep hearing crickets in your inbox.

I think we've all been there and photographers who tell you they haven't, probably have a very selective memory :

Now, don't get me wrong, I love mountains but this one can be an absolutely intimidating pain in the behind. You need a strategy, a bulletproof plan. You need someone who can show you how to reach your people and how to get booked.


Are you a wedding photographer struggling to break into the international elopement market? I can help you get off Struggle Mountain.

ARE YOU READY TO flip your own script?

It's time to totally flip the script…

That's why a 1:1 intensive program with an experienced coach is the way to get your show on the road. Making the switch from local to international weddings, truly is possible for every photographer willing to put in the work. The world is waiting for you!

relying on 'hope-marketing' and wasting precious time, not knowing how to reach your people

endlessly scrolling on Instagram, feeling down about why others seem to succeed but you haven't (yet!)

basing your marketing on a proven strategy that will attract your dream clients in your dream destinations

being fuelled by new inspiration and endless creativity every time a new destination-inquiry enters your inbox

no longer paying attention to others because you know exactly what you need to do - and it's working

being paid for what you are worth by clients who value your uniqueness and who fully trust your expertise

Right now you might be thinking: “Yes to all that, but… now what!?”
No worries, you’ve ended up exactly where you need to be.

To this:

Work with me

being the CEO of the Uninspired Club, feeling frustrated, drained and stuck in one place

What if I told you that you could go from...


spending thousands on international portfolio workshops, but still not getting booked

constantly being challenged for your prices by price-shoppers who don't see the value of what you do

creating your own styled shoots and knowing how to use them strategically to be found by the right people

a cookie-cutter approach is not going to get you where you want to go. a personal masterplan tailored to your uniqueness, will. 

Who you are as a photographer human being and who your ideal client is

How to effectively market and profile yourself in a way that feels true to who you are

How to price yourself according to your worth

How to get found and booked all over the world
And so much more!

When I started out as an elopement photographer in 2017 after being a photojournalist, there was hardly a roadmap to where I wanted to go. I had to figure it out mostly on my own and made a crapload of very expensive mistakes. So learn from my mistakes by investing in education that is designed to see you succeed!

After these three months you'll know:

Available in English, Dutch and Afrikaans

BRAVE: the 1:1 program for ambitious, intentional photographers

You don't have to do it alone

It's you and me friend, for three whole months. It's effective and intense, in all the right ways. In these three months, I will show you the way off of Struggle Mountain and into the Valley of Success where you will start thriving. It's time to get you booked.

Learn from my mistakes, I'm holding nothing back

apply here

let's plan a call

Get in touch with me to apply for Brave 1:1

Are you ready?

Branding & website review

Portfolio review

Strategy sheets


Is your portfolio speaking to your dream client? You'll learn what it is that your portfolio needs to get you booked and how to achieve that.

Portfolio assessment

part Four

We're going to have a good look at your branding and website. Are you communicating your personality and value properly so you can attract your dream client?

Brand message

part two

Learn all about how to price yourself right. We'll work on your money mindset, packages and strategy.

Let's talk money!

part three

Before anything else, we need to look at your foundation. Who are you? What makes you tick, what's important to you? And, second most importantly, who is your dream client?

The foundation: who are you?

Part ONE

Your message works, your portfolio lines up: now we need to make sure you end up in front of the right eyes.

Strategy masterplan

part five

You need to show up for your clients in the best possible way. Never under- or overpromise. Promise, then overdeliver.

Client experience

part seven

All you need to know about email replies, sales calls and getting yourself booked!

Close the sale

part six

How can you make sure your couples' personalities reflect in the images you take? This isn't a traditional wedding after all, we don't pose over here. And, what comes after the elopement?

Nailing your elopement

part eight

Are you Dutch-speaking? this course is also available in your language.

Take me there

Below you'll find a selection of the things we're going to cover, although the total scope of BRAVE is impossible to put onto a website as it's so extensive.

Every two weeks, we'll be going through your personal action plan during our 1:1 strategy calls on Zoom. That way, we break all information up into various easy-to-process 'main themes' with attached things to do. All tailored to your needs.

So, what will we be doing?


Being able to work all around the world is a special thing, but it hasn't always been like this. Not at all. I have spent so much time learning, falling flat on my face, procrastinating, losing a lot of money and even wondering if this carreer was for me in the first place.

Who's the coach?

That's OK. Everybody's been there, but there's a way up and over! After quite a few years of figuring out the elopement industry, I’m all set and ready to guide you on your way to becoming an international elopement photographer too. I can't wait to show you the roadmap off Struggle Mountain! I've made it my mission to help you save time and money by not having to make all the mistakes I had to make before I ended up where I am today.

Does that sound familiar?


My name is Lotty and I have been an international elopement wedding photographer since 2017. 

So what do you say, partner?

Yes! Yes I am!

“Freaking out!!!! They've booked!!!! I can't believe it but they've BOOKED! For freaking ITALY!!!! Next year August aaaaaaah! THANK YOU!!!”

Isabella, The Netherlands

Lizelle, South africa

"Lots, I can't thank you enough for all your tips and advice - they have been fundamental to transforming my business. And not just that. I have finally found the confidence in myself, too"

"Please can you just make YOU available to more people, because the way you managed to look at my business and help me, is something I wish for everybody in this industry"

Laura, The netherlands

Work with me

Testimonials from my students

These people already kissed Struggle Mountain goodbye

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How do I apply?

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I find it scary to invest that money into my business

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Do you have a payment plan available? 

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How personal is the approach?

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I am a videographer, can I also apply?

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Are we going to edit too?

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This program is for photographers who are already photographing weddings professionally. If you are just starting out, I’d recommend focussing on gaining more technical knowledge and in-the-field-experience first.


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How do I apply?

I get you, I’ve been there too. But, think of it this way: what is it going to cost you, if you don’t enroll? How many expensive mistakes and wasted time will that have you end up with? And also… think of your return on investment: how many elopements do you have to book to make this back? … Exactly! 

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I find it scary to invest that money into my business

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Asset 1


Asset 1

How personal is the approach?

Asset 1

I am a videographer, can I also apply?

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