Sossusvlei fly-in adventure, Namibia

couple with small airplane in namibia africa

Namibia is one of Africa’s most accessible countries. Perfect for an elopement wedding and road trip, even if you’ve never been to the mother continent before. It’s is one of the world’s least densely populated countries, with less than three people per square kilometre. So when I say it’s a vast place, I’m not kidding.

Sossusvlei elopement wedding

The Sossusvlei area set in the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world, is the perfect place for an adventure elopement wedding. The scenery is bizarre, one which you’d think only exists in movies. 

When Christine and James contacted me about wanting to elope in Namibia and spread it out over multiple days of coverage, I couldn’t quite believe it. Despite the fact that Namibia is one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries, I had never been there before. The pandemic had canned a road trip with friends to this vast and beautiful land in 2020 and after that, it became a bit of a distant dream. Until that very fine day in February 2021, when James contacted me one evening while I was ‘stuck’ in South Africa with most elopements on the schedule either canceled or moved. 

Namibia elopement wedding

Christine and James’ elopement six months later, turned out to be the first outside of South Africa for me since what was a very dark time to many in the world. I was beyond ready to make this international comeback and what an adventure it was. There were 4×4 vehicles, ATV quad bikes, hot air balloons a helicopter and… this bush plane… we couldn’t NOT turn this into a casual session.

I’m still waiting for Ray-Ban to contact me about these images, as I think that this gorgeous dentist and this very fine guy-in-finance make two excellent models for the company’s next ad campaign, right!?

Would you like to see what Christine and James’ elopement wedding in the Namib Desert looked like?


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