Road trip couple shoot, South Africa

This love, will be one I will never forget and always will try and achieve. Everybody should.

I met up with Maria & Swain in South Africa. We chatted about life at their insanely cool house, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. As misty waves were rolling over the shoreline, kombucha in hand, they already started inspiring me. He, craftsman/carpenter/surfer. She, educator/passionate conservationist/owner of a bohemian clothing label. Both: professional life enjoyers and absolutelty mad about each other. They spend months a year venturing through the entire continent of Africa. Discovering new places, but mostly helping small communities with achieving big things.

As the photoshoot was happening, Maria and I stood on the roadside, watching how Swain was turning the 1973 Ford truck around. She looked at me and said; ‘You know Lots, before I met him I was fine on my own. I was enjoying my life by myself, I didn’t think I needed anybody. I even told my mom not to worry about me, I was dead-happy and not looking at changing a thing in my life. Even when people introduced me to the ‘idea of Swain’ online, I wasn’t fazed. But then I met him, one day in Noordhoek.’
When the two met, Swain was about to head off on a lenghty trip around the world. The connection was instant. ‘We only had two weeks together, before he left. Those were the most amazing and intense two weeks I can remember ever having.’ Swain felt the same, after a few weeks he cut his trip short to return to South Africa, to be with his Maria. From that day, they haven’t been apart.
Now they travel together, enjoying life to the full and are changing people’s lives for the better in the process. Follow them and find out how you can help at @bobnmarydoafrica

Forever thank you legends, I can’t even explain what this day meant to me.


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