Namibia Inspired Elopement

While I was a documentary maker for magazines, I got sent to Morocco and Qatar in 2013.
I was writing and photographing a story about desert races, on horses. That’s where the love for the vast endlessness that a desert is, gripped me. The massive sand dunes, too huge to even comprehend how big they really are. Making you feel small, like icebergs do, in a good way.

So, when I got the opportunity to shoot this Namibia inspired elopement with Danielle & Noah, it took me back to that place. To that desert, the heat, the horses racing. I could feel it all over again. Adrenaline was pumping, it’s what kept all of us going because man, hot it was. At a certain point I could only see a blur, the earth was spinning but there was no way that I was going to give up. Not ever. And Danielle and Noah, troopers as they are, were thinking the same thing. We were all blown away by love and Mama Earth that day.


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