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Eloping in Africa can be described best by illustrating what it feels like. It is something you do when you truly, deeply long for an adventure. A kind of adventure that will stay with you for eternity. But where to go?

Immerse yourself in nature during your Africa wedding, by going for a safari elopement. Imagine saying your vows in front of a giraffe or rhino!? But how does that work? Let me help you with some insider tips and tricks.

safari elopement wedding tanzania africa

South Africa is becoming more and more popular as an elopement wedding destination and rightfully so. But how does it work? Can you for example get legally married as a foreigner, in South Africa?

When planning an elopement in South Africa, the first thing you’ll notice is the huge variety of landscapes to choose from. In this blog, I will list a few of the options and places to help you navigate planning your elopement in South Africa.

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