Elopement in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

san miguel de allende elopement wedding Mexico

If you are looking for a colourful elopement location with character, San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico should be on your list. Proof, that an elopement can be very adventurous, also when it’s not on a beach or mountain top! 

When Alyssa and Michael contacted me from the United States, they weren’t sure yet where in the world they wanted to have their elopement wedding. They had seen a publication of my Cappadocia elopement on Green Wedding Shoes and decided to reach out. There were two things they knew for sure: 1) their wedding date and 2) Little old ME! How cool is that? I can still remember putting ‘Location TBD’ on their contract, haha!

Elopement in Central Mexico

Figuring out the how and what and where, was such a fun and interesting process. Eventually, we landed on Central Mexico, where Alyssa’s father Joe is originally from. The perfect combination between emotional value and a practically possible destination in the timeframe they had. When narrowing down the elopement location further, the historical and colourful town of San Miguel de Allende became the backdrop of their adventure. 

Meeting in Mexico City

Fast forward a few months. We all flew into Mexico City and drove up to San Miguel de Allende the next day. We spent the first day taking casual images and exploring the town and surroundings. Scouting together, is something I absolutely love doing. A mini road trip is a great way to connect. We even saw a road runner bird running across the road! 

Eventually, we decided on having their elopement ceremony in the secluded, private courtyard of the ancient hacienda we stayed at. A true gem Alyssa managed to find on AirBNB. After the elopement we’d hit the town to take some more images in the beautiful, colourful streets. We even managed to organise ourselves with a Mariachi band ánd a surprise guest of which we hoped would make it to our little party too…

Supporting local craft

Meanwhile, I was involved in not one, but two secret missions. Alyssa wanted to surprise Michael by wearing one of the traditional flower crowns, so we had one made at the local town square for pick-up the next day. Michael, had his own surprise up his sleeve on the morning of the elopement, by cooking up a plan to organise a wedding bouquet and matching boutonniere. So off we went, to the local market. Google Translate worked overtime that day but in basic Spanish, we managed to head back to the hacienda with the (gorgeous!) Results of an accomplished mission.

San Miguel de Allende elopement wedding

They got ready separately from one another, while the bells of the church in the town square were ringing. Just down the old stone steps, is where the first look happened. My heart was beating so loud that at some point I was sure even the pigeons could hear it. Both looked like a million bucks, with Alyssa resembling the most beautiful, modern version of Frida Kahlo I ever did see.

Elope in an old hacienda

The ceremony happened under a beautiful bougainvillea, we couldn’t have dreamt this up better ourselves. Afterward, we headed out into town – looking for our band ánd our special guest. We found all of them in the old town square. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing it all come together as it did. Our special wedding guest was called Jalapeño, the brightest donkey of all San Miguel de Allende, well looked after and looking all dapper in his flowers.

Churros in San Miguel de Allende

We topped off Alyssa and Michael’s elopement day with fresh churros, on a park bench under an old fashioned street lantern. 
You can do whatever you wish for on your elopement day. This is your wedding, you should be able to celebrate it exactly in the way you want to. Let Alyssa and Michael be your inspiration to do just that!

Making a selection of the happenings of this elopement was a tough job, but please be dazzled by the colours and beauty of this couple and this destination. Olé! 

Are you also thinking of having your elopement wedding in Mexico? Let’s chat and plan your adventure!

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