Hiking elopement Cape Town

hiking elopement cape town franschhoek south africa photographer

The Cape Town region is incredibly versatile which makes it such a great elopement wedding location. You can’t go wrong with the combination of the blue Atlantic Ocean and dramatic mountains in the background. Oh and amazing people and food, everywhere! Because of all this, it’s also a great place for those wanting to combine their elopement wedding with their honeymoon.

I love it when couples say: “Lotty, we trust you – go for it!” Which is exactly what Lou and Dan from the UK told me when they contacted me about their elopement wedding in the Cape Town region. So off I went, on a quest to find them the perfect elopement location. One that was just right for them. ‘Yes with a little hike, sure, but not too much. No, no camping… but with an amazing view!’
That’s how we ended up in Franschhoek, on the second day of their Cape Town elopement wedding adventure.

Scarborough coastline 

Because before these two said their vows on day two, we started our adventure on the coast. After meeting them for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in the Cape Town city bowl the night before, we headed towards Scarborough the next day. Dan and Lou figured it would be a good idea to book an additional session prior to their elopement. A casual one, which allowed them to get used to me and my camera. And so they also had themselves captured with that amazing coastline, before heading to the mountains. By the time their elopement happened, they didn’t even realise I had that camera in my hand anymore. They hired a vintage Mercedes for the occasion, it couldn’t have been sweeter.
After spending time on the Scarborough coastal roads and spotting Cape fur seals in the waves, we drove through to Franschhoek.

Franschhoek elopement wedding

Lou and Dan stayed at Academie Street Hotel, a small and exquisite boutique hotel in the heart of Franschhoek town. I loved that they got ready together. I remember texting a friend: “Groom is now steaming the wedding dress while bride is doing make-up, tell me I’m not dreaming” It was the most beautiful thing. Dan helped Lou pick out her dress when they were in London. Nobody knew they were eloping, so Lou couldn’t ask her friends or family to join her. So Dan, to the shop’s staff biggest shock, joined his fiancé on her dress hunt. And now, here in Franschhoek he was carefully steaming that very dress with the most possible love. I was done for and we hadn’t even properly started yet!

Hiking elopement wedding Franschhoek

After receiving well wishes from the hotel’s manager, we headed out to the trailhead leading to our elopement location, just a short drive from the hotel. That’s where we met up with our amazing wedding celebrant and a friend of hers, who joined us and make Lou and Dan a small video. After a gentle hike of about an hour we got to our location. I can still remember everybody’s looks of sheer amazement, when they saw it. It was perfect, just like them and the weather.

They said their vows, champaign was popped, wedding paperwork was signed and fingerprints were inked. It was glorious.

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