Hiking Elopement in South Africa

The mountains were calling,
and so we headed out to answer.

Now, this adventure happened a while back.
However, while looking at the images, I can still remember everything vividly.
I remember how the wind blew so fiercely on our way up.
I remember how we had our dinner from a can, somewhere mid-trail, sitting on a rock.
I remember filling up our bottles with water from a mountain-stream
I remember how we pitched our tents in the dark.
I remember rolling through my tent in my sleeping bag,
because there wasn’t really a flat space for our tents.
I also remember that it didn’t really matter.
Because the light we were gifted on this wind-still morning,
surrounded by these mountains,
and the love between these two amazing people,
is something that I will never, ever forget.

Do what matters to you,
in a place that suits you,
with words, that are important to you,
for you.

I hope, by looking at these images that you feel more confident in choosing your special day, for you.
A wedding doesn’t have to be traditional if you don’t want it to be. If the thought of a big wedding with six bridesmaids and a seven-course menu frightens you but a two-day hiking adventure with dinner from a can makes your heart skip a beat, then please. Please, for the love of all things;


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