Waterfall Couple Shoot, Georgia, USA

Fact: if you really, truly believe in something,
you sometimes need to take a crazy risk and just jump.
Take that from someone who’s done it a few times.
Terrified most of the time, but hey.

In 2018, I knew I wanted to solely focus on adventurous elopements and small, intimate weddings and shoots.
No more big production weddings. Only true experiences with likeminded people.
However – this vision in my mind, needed to be translated into images for people to find me.
So, I sold my car in South Africa and booked a flight to the United States,
to find my people
to go on adventures with them
to photograph them
to tell their love-story with my photography

Needless to say that all this all of a sudden became a ‘horrible idea’ by the time my car was sold and I found myself alone at Atlanta Airport at six o’clock in the morning.

But then, not long after, I met Brooke and Jonathan.
Those two legends, quickly confirmed that my plan indeed did make sense.
We went to explore the waterfalls of Cloudland Canyon, a couple of hours outside of Atlanta.
We hiked, laughed, shared life stories, laughed a lot more and went out for dinner.
I have no idea why it took me so long to blog this, but here we are!

On my trip, I ended up photographing 18 couple’s love stories in 21 days.
From Atlanta to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and San Francisco.
I sometimes still think about that car of mine…
But then I look at what happened when I decided to leap.
A lot has happened since then.
For one, I’m no longer the elephant in the room at big production weddings.
I’m with my feet in the mud, somewhere next to a waterfall.
Or camping out for a hiking elopement somewhere up a mountain.
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


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