Magical Cappadocia Elopement, Turkey

cappadocia elopement wedding photographer

Ever wondered what a magical land actually looks like?
I have. And I found it.
Thanks to Michelle and Rustin, who eloped in Cappadocia, Turkey.
What a dream this was. For these two adventurous souls to fly me over from South Africa to capture their elopement was such a highlight of my 2019-year. 

We managed to find a deserted spot somewhere in the valley.
Not a soul to be found, just us three. Suddenly we were surrounded by all the balloons.
I will never forget the sound of the gasburners in the sky, waking up the otherwise silent valley.
What a place to say your vows.
It’s like somebody indeed found the genie in the lamp,
wished for a magical land, and there you have it – Cappadocia. 
There were hot-air balloons, fairy chimneys, camels, mystic valleys, magic kilim carpets and and and. 
I could go on forever. 
These two have become my friends and I’m sure that we’ll see each other again one day. 


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