Safari elopement wedding in South Africa

safari elopement south africa

What is the perfect combination between my work as an elopement wedding photographer and my BIG-5 guiding qualification? A safari elopement wedding in South Africa.

I have had the privilege of photographing many of them by now and yet every time they leave me surprised and with such a full heart. A safari elopement in South Africa. Out in the bush, you never know what you find. Even when photographing safari elopement weddings in the same location, none of them are ever the same. Apart from different people with different backgrounds and stories, it’s also nature that always shows up differently. Different light, different vegetation in different seasons, and therefore different colours. I could go on and on. 

Safari elopement wedding in South Africa

What’s also impossible to predict and therefore never the same, is wildlife. You never know upfront, if there will be any wildlife in the area. And if there is, is the animal keen on working with us that day? In the bush, amazingness is a guarantee but wildlife decides if they want to be part of it that day, or not. I haven’t met a remote-controlled giraffe or rhino yet, you know.

Wedding photos with wildlife

My qualification as a trained wildlife guide always comes in handy though, when taking photos with couples and wildlife. Being able to read animal-behaviour is absolutely vital when wanting to take photos of people with wildlife. The number one condition though, is always putting the safety of the wildlife and the safety of you as a couple above everything else. 

Safari elopement with giraffes

In the case of Liselot and Freek’s elopement, we hit the absolute jackpot. After these two Dutchies had said their vows under a beautiful tall tree in the open savannah landscape in Welgevonden Game Reserve, it was time for a drive. To find great light and… animals. It didn’t take long or there they were – a little journey of giraffes. Just going about their business in a perfect open area. That’s what you call a group of moving giraffes, a ‘journey’. Neat, right? When standing still, the collective is a ‘tower’. 

Safari wedding in Africa

I always brief my couples up front, before we get out of the vehicle so they know exactly what to do and what not to do. Respect and safety for wildlife, always come first. Waiting for my cues is an important one as I keep assessing the animals’ behaviour while taking photos. Are they still comfortable? When done well, animals will relax and just carry on with their business, which gives us some freedom of movement. These giraffes were the perfect example of that. They weren’t bothered by our presence. The wind and all other circumstances lined up perfectly, giving Liselot and Freek the wedding photos of their dreams.

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