Adventurous Elopement

This hiking-elopement in South Africa, is perfect proof of the fact that a wedding doesn’t have to be traditional or big to be incredible. On the contrary! Let Moira and Constant inspire you to follow your gut and go with it.

Magical carpet rides, hot-air balloons, camels with endless lashes in ancient vallies. Cappadocia, Turkey, is everything you think doesn’t exist. Someone definitely found the genie in the lamp and wished for a magical land.

cappadocia elopement wedding photographer

This safari elopement in Tanzania, was something else. What an adventure! Rachel and Valmond flew out from Singapore to meet me in Arusha National Park, one of Tanzania’s underestimated little gems.

safari elopement wedding africa

Chris & Ed, Ed & Chris. I’m so glad I met these two beautiful souls in South Africa, last November. We decided to venture off into the mountains near Franschhoek to capture their love story.

Cape Town is South Africa’s wonder world. A city, with the infrastructure of a town. A place where mountains and ocean come together every so beautifully.

Meeting Marloes and Sebastien in Cape Town South Africa, two Dutchies like myself, was the perfect example of what I love about adventure elopements. Everything fell into place. We hiked up Chapman’s Peak on a beautiful summer day in Cape Town. Have a look at this most breathtaking adventurous elopement.

cape town elopement photographer

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